Jul. 1973 Establishment (Capital \56 million)
Sep. 1973 Start of operations with securities business license
Dec. 1983 Increase in capital to \140 million
Jun. 1985 Start of transactions with banks authorized for bond dealing
Jun. 1986 Introduction of Screen Trading System
Aug. 1986 Third-party allotment of new shares to banks
Increase in capital to \1,890 million
Apr. 1987 Record of trading volume : 243,757 billion yen/month
Aug. 1987 Settlement dates for JGBs were set on the 5th & 10th days of each month
Jun. 1989 Introduction of touch-panel trading system
Jul. 1993 Opening a current account with the Bank of Japan
Apr. 1994 Start of DVP settlement of JGBs
Oct. 1996 Settlement of JGBs was changed to rolling settlement system (at first, T+7)
Jan. 1997 Introduction of workstations client/server
Apr. 1997 Rolling settlement of JGBs shortened to T+3
Dec. 1998 Registration for securities business (by the Securities and Exchange Law, as amended.)
Start of public release of BB JGB Closing Prices
Dec. 1999 Start of operation of "e-ibis"
Jun. 2000 Start of "BB Super Trade" operation
Receipt of approval for the the proprietary trading system (PTS) operation for equities
Sep. 2000 Start of the PTS operation for equities
Jan. 2001 Start of RTGS (real time gross settlement) system for JGBs
Feb. 2001 Receipt of amended approval for the PTS operation for bonds
Apr. 2001 Installation of customers-operated order entry function to the trading platform for JGB transactions
Jul. 2002 End of the PTS operation for equities
May. 2003 Start of new trading system
Apr. 2005 Start of provision of Bond Information Service (BIS)
Sep. 2007 Registration for financial instruments business (by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law)
May. 2011 Start of new trading system (9th-generation)
Apr. 2012 Rolling Settlement of JGBs shortened to T+2
May. 2017 Start of new data center
May. 2018 Rolling Settlement of JGBs shortened to T+1